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Emotional Wellness: Your willingness to be aware and accept a wide range of feelings in yourself and others. An emotionally well person can freely express and manage their feelings, thoughts, and behavior. An emotionally well person functions autonomously yet is aware of personal limitations and the value of seeking support and assistance.
Environmental Wellness:
Your willingness to actively participate in and contribute to efforts to protect and renew the environment. An environmentally well person recognizes the importance of individual effort in preserving the environment through recycling, energy conservation, careful product selection etc.
Intellectual Wellness:
Your willingness to self-direct behavior, which includes continuous learning, development, creative application and articulation of critical thinking and expressive/intuitive skills and abilities. An intellectually well person assimilates what is learned in the classroom with what is experienced outside the classroom in order to enhance their potential for living a more fulfilling life.
Occupational Wellness:
Your personal satisfaction and enrichment you experience through work. An occupationally well person has integrated their commitment to work in to a total lifestyle that is rewarding and seeks to express personal values through that involvement.
Physical Wellness:
Your willingness to pursue an active lifestyle. A physically well person understands and uses the relationship between nutrition, activity, performance and health.
Social Wellness:
Your willingness to actively participate in and contribute to common welfare of your community. A socially well person lives in harmony with fellow human beings, seeks positive interdependent relationships with others, develops healthy sexual behavior and generally works for harmony in both personal and community environments.
Spiritual Wellness:
Your willingness to seek meaning and purpose in human existence, to question everything and to appreciate the things which cannot be readily explained or understood. A spiritually well person seeks harmony between what lies within as well as the forces outside. 


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