Friday, February 5, 2016

February Wellness Student Spotlight!!

Congratulations to Emma Kiernan for being awarded the February Wellness Student Spotlight. Emma embodies what it means to be an exemplary student in all aspects of her work. Her kindness and integrity embody what it means to be a Wellness student here at Wayland Middle School.

Well done Emma!

First and Last Name: Emma Kiernan
Grade: 8
What elementary school did you come from?  Claypit Hill
Tell us about yourself. What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to play basketball, sing, and do musicals!
Why is being active important to you?
Being active is important to me because it helps keep me in shape for basketball. I usually run to keep in shape.
What advice would you give to a student who doesn’t like to exercise?
Try some things outside your comfort zone, because then you can find your way of being active. Mine are basketball and cross country.
Favorite Wellness unit and why.
Basketball because it's my sport!
When I want a healthy snack I reach for...yogurt.
To relax I...sing!
If I were a WMS Wellness teacher I would add cross country to the curriculum.
On my first day of school I wish I knew about all of the cool clubs there are (and the ones you can make up)!
Tell us something about yourself most people would be surprised to know.

I am in Unicycle, Juggling, and Rubix Cube clubs. I am also a part of GSA.