Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Annual 5v5 Soccer Tournament Kicks Off Next Week!

PM Wellness Announces the Annual 5v5 Indoor Soccer Tournament!

When: Monday November 21st & Tuesday November 22nd 

Where: in the gym!

What: Show up with your teams already made & ready to go. No sign-up is necessary.

Who: Open to ALL students :-)

Come dressed ready to play!

Any questions? See Coach A.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Wellness Department would like to say thank you to everyone that donated candy in our annal Operation Gratitude drive.  This year, we ended up donating around 300 pounds of candy to Paquette Family Dental in Hudson. A big thank you to Ms. Riddle's husband for dropping it all off for her to meet the deadline of Monday November 7th. Thanks to Ms. Ravid for taking pictures for us!

Here are some pictures of the collection this year:

Coach A collecting candy in the lobby. 

Ms. Riddle moving the boxes from our secret candy storage space!

Mr. Wood & Coach A helping to load the candy.

What 300 pounds of candy looks like!

Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pre-Season Basketball Open Gym & PACER Retest!

On Monday November 21st from 2:30-3:30 the gym will be open for pre-season basketball. Come down to the gym and work on your skills. All are welcome!

On Tuesday November 22nd Mr. Rivera will be running the PACER Test. at 2:30. This is a great opportunity for you to check for improvement from you fall score. All are welcome!

If you have any questions please see Mr. Rivera. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October Wellness Student Spotlight!

Congratulations to Remy Shaw for being awarded for the October Wellness Student Spotlight! Not only is Remy a hard worker and and all-around good kid, but she is polite, friendly, & is helpful to other students in class. Remy embodies what it means to be a wellness student: our classes are better for  having her in it.

  1. First and Last Name-Remy Shaw
  2. Grade-8th
  3. What elementary school did you come from. Claypit Hill
  4. Tell us about yourself. What do you like to do in your free time? I like to play hockey, soccer, and swim.
  5. Why is being active important to you? Being active gives me something to do and gives me an outlet for stress.
  6. What advice would you give to a student who doesn’t like to exercise? I would show them that there are many types of exercise and they they can find one they like.
  7. Favorite Wellness unit and why. My favorite units have been golf & volleyball because I like exploring new sports I’ve never tried before.
  8. When I want a healthy snack I reach for... a banana or apple
  9. To relax I...read
  10. If I were a WMS Wellness teacher I would add ??? to the curriculum. I would add a small lesson on stretching to help athletes and non-athletes from hurting themselves during physical activity.
  11. On my first day of school I wish I knew...How important the warm-ups are to increase your fitness scores and help your overall health.
  12. Tell us something about yourself most people would be surprised to know. I did gymnastics for 6 years.

Friday, October 21, 2016

1 Day Volleyball Clinic: Wednesday October 26th!

Learn Volleyball Skills From High School Volleyball Players!

Get introduced to volleyball!  The Wayland High School girls JVB team will practice in the WMS gym on Wed. Oct 26th from 1:30-3:30pm, and any interested middle school students are invited to watch and participate.  High school players, along with coach Pam Kainz, will introduce the 6-8th grade boys and girls to the basic volleyball skills (setting, passing, serving and spiking) and play a variety of games to keep it fun.  No prior volleyball experience is needed. Just show up with sneakers, energy and a positive attitude.  Volleyball can be a lifetime of fun - come give it a try!

Friday, October 7, 2016

7th Annual Operation Gratitude Halloween Candy Drive!

The Wellness Department would like to announce our 7th annual Operation Gratitude Halloween Candy Drive from Tuesday November 1, 2016 through Thursday November 3, 2016. Coach A will be in the front lobby from 7-7:30 am to collect candy.  

Ms. Riddle utilizing some functional strength as she dropped off over 200lbs. of candy!

According to their website:

Operation Gratitude annually sends 150,000+ care packages filled with snacks, entertainment, hygiene, and hand-made items, plus personal letters of appreciation to New Recruits, Veterans, First Responders, Wounded Warriors, Care Givers and to individually named U.S. Service Members deployed overseas. 

All the candy will be dropped off at Wayland Dental located at 131 Main St. According to Dr. Michael Putt, army veteran and owner of Wayland Dental, receiving care packages while deployed provides a connection to home and can help lift the soldier's spirits. Dr. Putt is able to participate in Operation Gratitude due to the generosity of Mark Silverman, president of Mark's Moving & Storage. Mark and his employees will take all the donated candy and ship it to Van Nuys, CA where it will be used to assemble care packages for our troops. 

Candy is just one of the way we can help. Operation Gratitude welcomes donations of individually wrapped toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste. If you would rather make a financial donation you can click here to do so.
Click here to read about our collection in the Wayland Patch!

Thank you for your support!

Mark's Moving & Storage: http://www.marksmoving.com/
Operation Gratitude: https://www.operationgratitude.com/
Wayland Dental: https://www.waylanddental.com/

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

National School Backpack Awareness Day: Sept. 21, 2016!!

The Wellness Department is fortunate to have the expertise of Dr. Thomas Ball & Dr. Victoria VanNederynen of Performance Health Center in Natick coming to present to our 6th grade classes on Wednesday September 21st and Thursday September 22nd. 

Here is a message from Dr. Ball about the backpack safety & injury prevention presentation:

We are honored to take the time to educate parents, students, educators and school administrators, and communities about the serious health effects that backpacks that are too heavy or worn improperly have on children.  More than 79 million students in the United States carry school backpacks.
 • More than 2,000 backpack-related injuries were treated at hospital emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, and clinics in 2007.
 • It is recommended that a loaded backpack should never weight more than 10% of the student’s total body weight (for a student weighing 100 pounds, this means that the backpack should weight no more than 10 pounds).
 • About 55% of students carry a backpack that is heavier than the recommended guideline of 10% of the student’s total body weight.
 • In one study with American students ages 11 to 15 years, 64% reported back pain related to heavy backpacks. Twenty one percent reported the pain lasting more than 6 months.
 • In a study on the effect of backpack education on student behavior and health, nearly 8 out of 10 middle school students who changed how they loaded and wore their backpacks reported less pain and strain in their backs, necks, and shoulders.

I will also take some time to discuss "Text Neck" and how too much time spent looking down at your phone can cause lifetime damage to the cervical vertebrae.  This class will be interactive with the students, and I will bring in my "model spine" to show them what is happening internally when their posture is distorted either from an improperly fitting backpack or from looking down too long at their phones.

As always you can contact me with any questions at Performance Health Center.  

Here is the National School Backpack Awareness Video:

Here are some useful links on backpack safety:

As always, if you have any questions please let us know.

Yours in Health,