Thursday, February 2, 2017

Congratulations to our February Wellness Student Spotlight Alex! Alex is a joy to have in class. She always gives 100% effort and is kind to everyone in class.  Congratulations!!

1.  First and Last Name: Alexina McQuilkin
2.  Grade 6th
3.  What elementary school did you come from? Happy Hollow
4.  Tell us about yourself. What do you like to do in your free time? I am 12 years old and enjoy playing sports! My two favorite sports are basketball and soccer! I am a forward on the Wayland basketball metrowest team and on my soccer team, the Wayland Gunners I play every position (but mostly defense.) I love to have lots of fun and be happy!
5.  Why is being active important to you? Being active is important to me because I think it's a good way to stay healthy.
6.  What advice would you give to a student who doesn’t like to exercise? I would tell them to try to exercise with friends because it's more fun that way!
7.  Favorite Wellness unit and why. My favorite Wellness unit so far would probably be a tie between basketball and soccer! I chose these two units because I play both of those two sports the most and love to the play them.
8.  When I want a healthy snack I reach for... Blueberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9.  To relax I... Lay down and close my eyes and just think.
10.         If I were a WMS Wellness teacher I would add ??? to the curriculum. I would want to add capture the flag to the curriculum because it's super fun to play!
11.         On my first day of school I wish I knew... How much homework I would have.
12.         Tell us something about yourself most people would be surprised to know. That I want to play in the WNBA when I grow up!



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