Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October Wellness Student Spotlight!

Congratulations to Remy Shaw for being awarded for the October Wellness Student Spotlight! Not only is Remy a hard worker and and all-around good kid, but she is polite, friendly, & is helpful to other students in class. Remy embodies what it means to be a wellness student: our classes are better for  having her in it.

  1. First and Last Name-Remy Shaw
  2. Grade-8th
  3. What elementary school did you come from. Claypit Hill
  4. Tell us about yourself. What do you like to do in your free time? I like to play hockey, soccer, and swim.
  5. Why is being active important to you? Being active gives me something to do and gives me an outlet for stress.
  6. What advice would you give to a student who doesn’t like to exercise? I would show them that there are many types of exercise and they they can find one they like.
  7. Favorite Wellness unit and why. My favorite units have been golf & volleyball because I like exploring new sports I’ve never tried before.
  8. When I want a healthy snack I reach for... a banana or apple
  9. To relax
  10. If I were a WMS Wellness teacher I would add ??? to the curriculum. I would add a small lesson on stretching to help athletes and non-athletes from hurting themselves during physical activity.
  11. On my first day of school I wish I knew...How important the warm-ups are to increase your fitness scores and help your overall health.
  12. Tell us something about yourself most people would be surprised to know. I did gymnastics for 6 years.

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